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Wooooooaaaaaghhhhhhhhwooooooo. There’s that autumn breeze on thy neck.

Maketh devil’s nests, they said. Bringeth thyself closer to thy
wine deity, they said. Enjoy comp’ny most vinous, they said. So
we did, and ye shall reap these benefits—

1 x Praxis Sparkling Riesling 2023
1 x Muse Chardonnay 2020—verily, the cult is excitable
about this one. A truly worthy elixir for thy chalice.
1 x Praxis Sauvignon Blanc 2023
1 x Muse Pinot Noir 2018
1 x Domaine A Merlot 2018
1 x Muse Cabernet 2011—Many were sacrificed in
the creation of the 2011 Muse Cabernet (’tis a boon there’s no
HR department in the cult), and after thirteen years’
entombment, we release it unto thee.
2 x autumnal risottos from Forager Foods:
Truffle/Mushroom and Pumpkin/ Fetta
Wine Cult Glass

And shouldst thou forget, free shipping is included as always.
And regard our newest premium Tasmanian edible pairings. 

Click hither to discover more about Forager Foods

Total value: $413
Your cult price: $285

Plus all the hallowed perks of Wine Cult membership—special cellar access, 20% discounts on all wine purchased on the Moorilla and Domaine A websites, complimentary tastings, and more.

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