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Supplicants: this season's Wine Cult has sold out. Repent for your tardiness and be sure to subscribe to the Moorilla mailing list to ensure you're first in line when robes are being handed out in Autumn.


All the leaves are brown. But your future is bright and full of wine. 

Subscribers/acolytes will receive:  

1 x WWC wine glass
1 x Mona socks
1 x 2017 Domaine A Merlot (pre-release exclusive to members)
1 x 2016 Moorilla Cloth White (new vintage)
1 x 2019 Moorilla Muse Chardonnay
1 x 2018 Moorilla Muse Riesling
1 x 2011 Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon
1 x 2016 Moorilla Muse Extra Brut Rosé

Includes shipping as always.

Your cult price: $285 (Total value: $422)

As well as all the hallowed perks of Wine Cult membership—special cellar access, 20% discounts on all wine purchased on the Moorilla website, complimentary tastings, and more.

Join now.

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Sorry, no same day local-delivery delivery on this one. But we will wine wagon to you as soon as we can.

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