Moorilla & Domaine A Collection Pack B – Pinot Noir

Moorilla & Domaine A Collection Pack B – Pinot Noir

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Welcome to the Vintec-exclusive Pinot Noir collection pack—two splendid examples that have already spent ten years in the cellar, as well as a 2016 Muse Pinot Noir that’s drinking brilliantly now, but also looking like it’ll love some time to mature.

Moorilla Muse Sauvignon 2011

Harmoniously balanced and restrained, this is a wine of elegance and terroir. Floral, passionfruit and herbaceous aromas are complemented by mineral, subtle oak and lemon notes. The pristine flavours marry the weight and fine texture. Minerality, toasted nuts and a touch of vanilla bean build and ensure long length. Crisp acidity keeps the wine taut and suitable for enjoying with food. 

Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Very much a product of a cooler year, the long-awaited 2011 vintage of the Domaine A’s flagship wine still showcases the full range of cabernet character synonymous with the vineyard. An earthy, complex blend of potpourri, roasted beetroot and dark fruits (plum, blackberries, cassis) sit beneath spiced top notes of vanilla and faint star anise. Cured meat and a hint of char reward closer inspection, before a long, building finish. Planting a few in the cellar will reap significant rewards down the track.

Moorilla Muse Pinot Noir 2016

Our Pinot Noir is slightly richer than the norm, made with estate-grown fruit from our original Moorilla vineyard (sharing the same peninsula as Mona). Colour is medium-full with brick and faint purple tints, the bouquet a feast of sweet black cherry and sous bois, with some spicy oak and subtle hints of whole-bunch fermentation. We’ll leave the rest to Huon Hooke:  

‘A superb wine, and a fine follow-up to the excellent 2015 … the palate is full and rich, concentrated and powerful, the finish very long-lasting. The sweet, rich core of ripe fruit gives it succulence. A delicious wine! 96 points.’

While rich and bold now, we’ve singled this vintage out as one with exceptional cellaring potential, with time expected to soften tannins and see the lighter notes (particularly the spice and oak) lift against the fruit.

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